Centro de Innovacion Tecnologica Artesanal y Turismo los Andes Cusco -CITE ANDES CUSCO

Art in every Alpaca garment

International delivery

International shipping via Serpost

Money back guarantee

Guaranteed quality

Customer service

Personalized service

Non-toxic colors

Natural colors

Why Choose Us

No Minimum Order

We offer clothing in alpaca fiber wholesale and retail, contact us and be convinced

Huge Product Variety

We have a variety of clothes for your choice.

Affordable Price

As we are direct manufacturers, we can offer garments at competitive prices to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers.

High Quality Alpaca

Our garments are made of alpaca fiber and we also offer garments with synthetic fiber blends if applicable.

US & Global Shipping

We offer national shipments in Peru and internationally through the Serpost courier service


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